3 comments on “What is Bullying?

  1. I’ve been a nurse for more than 5 yrs and this is my first time experiencing work place bullying . I am being bullied at work by my Rn manger and the ADON is also nasty. I got my review and they stated that I didn’t document on a pt and some other things . I have proof and copy’s of the things that they said that I did not do . Every time this Rn manger x is on duty , they never approach me in a nice manner it’s always negative. I love my job and the pt that I service , however I’m tired of being bullied . What actions can I take.

    • I am sorry that you are going through this violence in the workplace which is harassment. Know that you are NOT alone and many go through this.

      First, you need to care for yourself meaning if this job is bringing you physical and psychological stress, you need to leave.

      Document everything that has been happening to you in a FACTUAL manner, know your advocates and supporters including your coworkers, who you can trust. Be careful with HR….they are for the organization and seldom NEVER for the employee.

      Start looking for other opportunities for jobs in case you decide to leave or they decide to terminate you. Better that you can leave on your own and have a job then they “surprising” you. Either way, you will be ok. I know because I have experienced it 🙂

      Do you have support from family and/or friends? You may want to see an Employment Lawyer if needed.

      You are being targeted because they feel “threatened” by you. Meaning, you are doing everything well…the RN manger and ADON have the problem(s). You need to acknowledge this and know this. Also if they were not targeting you, they would be targeting someone else.
      Understanding and knowing this will help in keeping you healthy and not lead to self-blaming.

      As nurses we need to care for ourselves so we can give back to our loved ones and our patients.
      So during this time, do things that make you happy and bring you joy. Surround yourself with these individuals, activities, hobbies, pets….or whatever. Keep “loving” yourself. The key…to healing.

      I know you are a wonderful nurse and this can be the “ONLY” reason you are being targeted. You will find your path to a healthier workplace where you will be able to share your gifts of nursing.

      Finally, look over our website and FB page BEHAVE Wellness for additional resources and the Workplace Bullying Institute website is phenomenal.

      Peace and Happiness,

      BEHAVE Wellness

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