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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You all have advanced degrees. How big does my company have to be to host/afford you?

A: The three of us can work independently, and we provide customized solutions for groups of all sizes. In our experience, some of the most toxic environments can be practitioner’s offices with only a handful of employees.

Q: Do you only work with health care institutions?

A: Churches, companies, and schools can all have pervasive bullying and unhealthy environments, and our expertise extends to them as well.

Q: If I invite you to come speak or give a workshop, are my workers going to get rebellious and unionize?

A: Rather than foment insurrection and riots, our goal is to create a less stressful environment for both managers and employees.  We are not referring to a forced peace with tension brewing under the surface, but neither do we plan to politicize issues or take sides.

Q: I’m confused about the “wellness” part of what you do. Are you implying that eating right and exercising combats workplace violence?

A: There are temporary situations where the best intervention a person can carry out is to heal themselves, cleansing of emotions, toxins, stress, and other hindrances that magnify conflict. This strengthens the ability to carry burdens metaphorically and literally. Also, employee wellness programs are notoriously underused or surface level and, along with HR departments, can pose confidentiality problems in certain circumstances.